Fake IRS’s attempt to Scam this Lady Brutally Backfires, and People are Amused

Often when we already have enough problems sucking the life right out of us, there are some petty leeches who still try to suck some more juices from us. Yeah, I am talking about those forgery calls pretending to be from the tax authority and trying to scam us. All of us has got that call at least once or twice in our life, yeah it’s pretty annoying. I mean who are they kidding, I don’t have to go to law school in order to know what is illegal and not.

Well, these scammers claiming to be the IRS had quite a stressed out day when they gave a call to this girl whose twitter Id is @twittysuch she pretty much killed it. She tweeted the whole convo on Twitter and it’s damn interesting to read, have a look for yourself.


1. She is having a field day, they are gonna be roasted!

2. Fake IRS calling her for ‘defaulted’ tax.


3. Not a boring morning tea for her.

4. Solve over the phone? Do you guys think everyone is as dumb as you are?

5. It’s a CP523 envelope.

6. If your gonna pull off something at least learn the facts dude!

7. They don’t have any idea that such a phone-call is illegal, do they?

8. It is, I just can’t believe that they are so stupid.

9. Finally, the end, it has to be revealed.

10. Haha, that’d be a fun way to reminiscence.

Now that was a heated convo that we need to read every now and then. They totally messed with the wrong girl man. Hope they don’t continue it again but who are we kidding man! These people will never learn.

(h/t: CheezBurger)