10 Types of Famous Kisses and their Actual Meaning that You Must Know About

It’s not rocket science when we think about the types of kisses that are the most popular and regularly used in general. Even a 5-year-old kid would know the difference between ‘a mother’s kiss’ and ‘kiss from a crush’.

So basically, there are three main reasons resulting in two people kissing, it can be a sign of love, sexual desire or greeting. These are the core sources that develop into all other kinds ranging widely between friends, lovers, family, and even strangers. No matter what type of kiss it is, according to me, I think a touch or caress on the lips is the bond that connects souls. Somehow, when that touch of lips ignites, it triggers your brain in many ways and tends to tell you stories without even speaking.

In order to figure out the actual meaning behind the types of kisses, here is a list of them that will tell you all about the passionate information. #TheKissAndTellMoment


1. Flying-Kiss.

Also known as a blown kiss, is a pretense kiss made to pursue the lips together, kissing the fingertips and then blowing the fingertips towards the other person. This kiss is used to convey affection often while parting with a dear one where they can see each other but are physically distant. Sometimes it’s used in a crowd to convey mutual affection to the audience.


2. Kiss on the cheek.

This type is one of the friendliest physical gesture showing that you care for the other person. It is used in all types of relation, ranging from family, couples and pets.


3. French Kiss.

It is known as the most passionate kiss in the world. It is shared between two people who have strong feelings for each other either emotionally, physically or both. And for some reason, the eyes shut automatically.


4. Eskimo kiss.

Its basically rubbing the noses against one another; it happens between couples and also parents and their kids for extra affection. By the way, it originated from cold climatic places where people rub their nose back and forth to create warmth before kissing.


5. Vacuum Kissing.

It’s more on the intense sight, clearly and totally sexual when all hormones are high between two people. They place their mouth together almost sucking the air out of each other. So, the name! Definitely a part of a hot make-out session.


6. Kiss On the Forehand.

This kiss is the one that makes and keeps promises. When someone kisses you on the forehead, it’s definitely serious, they care about you, love you and respect you. It’s the hidden gesture that elevates a person’s true feelings towards the other. Note it: forehead kissing doesn’t happen with just anyone!


7. Vampire or Hickie kiss.

It is the type of kiss that is used for marking territories. When you see someone with numerous hickies it means they are in some sort of relationship. Also, this kiss is on the aggressive side.


8. Kiss on the hand.

When love and respect are shown, that’s when a person kisses the significant other’s hand. Also considered as the oldest form of kissing from ancient times; serves for respect and admiration.


9. Quick Kiss.

Just like the name itself, this kiss is a totally non-intimate kiss, more like a greeting for couples before they leave each other on a daily basis. It’s just the lips touching, nothing else is involved.


10. Single lip kiss.

It involves the couple kissing either one of the upper or lower lip interlocking them perfectly. This type of kiss is always passionate leads to intimacy or a hot make-out.

(h/t: Providr)