18 Super Fascinating Pictures That Give Interesting Insights

The world is such an interesting place, actually, our complete solar system is. No, our whole universe. Well, getting back to the point, there are just way too many fascinating things happening all across the world which we know little about. Yes, you read that right, the pictures that we have got here carry such interesting insights that are sure to get you stunned.

We have got a secret storehouse of gifts in North Korea to talk about, an ultra-cool underground town in Australia, and loads more fun stuff. So, go ahead and take a look at these brilliant images giving exciting unknown insights.


1. Wow! This is an impeccable multi-story garage at the Volkswagen factory.

2. Would you like to chill at this tower crane operator view-point?

3. It’s a storehouse of 210,000 gifts, in North Korea, built especially by Kim II Sung & Kim Jong III. Not kidding!

4. A complete town called Coober Pedy can be found underground in Austraila including this pretty bookstore.

5. Check out this massive 20-meter lift in a Danish hospital. Cool, no?

6. This is fancy restroom only for the crew in planes.

7. A secret opening to a brilliant wine cellar in a private house.

8. It’s just a factory of money in Russia people, not much.

9. In Russia, a mysterious underground bunker tunnel at a depth of 65-meters can also be found.

10. Look at this abandoned underwater staircase. This is in Russia as well!

11. A nature-inspired beautiful graffiti near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Ukraine.

12. It’s the subway cab of a train driver in Russia. Ain’t it stunning?

13. A brilliantly crafted solar power station, USA.

14. Did you know that a seed bank of endangered species of animals exists at the Smithsonian Institution, USA?

15. Look at these neatly lined up “Oscars” which are waiting behind the stage to be delivered at Dolby theater, USA.

16.  It’s an impeccable cut tunnel in the metro, Amsterdam.

17. A mesmerizing abandoned theater in Detroit, USA.

18. This image was taken while the sounds recording effects of the movie ‘Paul’ was taking place in the studio.

(h/t: Trinixy)