Newly Father Models for Maternity Photo-shoot In His Wife’s Place and It’s truly Amazing

Do you ever imagine that in today’s world most people are busy with collecting memories than living in the moment? Isn’t it because we fear that with the pace we are moving we may not get to cherish these moments unless we store them? For reference, humans are prone to keeping up with the milestones they achieve in life, they are keen to save such monumental times and share with their future generation.

The first day of school, college, the first job, engagement day, and the big wedding. All these are the milestones we look forward to, and the one that matters the most and also the core reason for human existence is the stage of pregnancy in a woman’s life.


In the current world, a photo shoot of the mother during her late maternity stage is considered primary.

It’s every woman’s dream coming true, maybe not for all of us, but for most. They like to capture these fragile magical moments because they are in the process of giving life to another human, and what more reason do we need?

But, hold that thought, unlike every other very pregnant woman, may I repeat, a ‘man’ models for a maternity photo shoot. It’s the 21st-century guys, anything is possible! Christopher Urena, a Photographer hailing from Allentown, Pensylvania irked the norm and posed for his fellow photographer Nilo Hodge.

So, the news is, Chris’s wife maybe wasn’t a big fan of glorifying the maternity, but that didn’t stop him.

Well, as a professional photographer, how can you let that opportunity go, right? I totally understand Chris’s emotional ties to this shoot because maternity is not only about the mother, the father is neck deep in it too.

Look at that smile, he is enjoying his moments to the fullest.

And this is that proud moment, fierce looking pose, channeling Beyonce.

Big laugh, this man is guaranteed to be an awesome dad.

And finally the profile shots.

These pictures are truly amazing. It was so brave of him to step in for his wife and take the initiative that most men might not have the courage to do. Such an inspiring piece of the story to tell. If you wanna follow Chris on Instagram here is his account details, cuimagery.

(Source: Imgur)