20 Outstanding Female Versions of Superheroes and Villains that’ll Leave You Astonished

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, ring a bell yet? No? Oh, come on! Who else can it be? I am talking about our very own Tony Stark. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that he is my favourite superhero. Even when the world is filled with cruelty and disloyalty, we still have the comic world to escape to that gives us a fantasy world to dream about. Whether it be Marvel, DC or Manga, these comic universes sprouted a happy place in all our hearts and entertained us for decades and the future to come.

While we’re at it, have you ever imagined your favorite superheroes in their contrasting gender? Like, say, a curvy and virtuous Capt. America or a female version of Loki the God Of Mischieve. If that idea is interesting enough for you, well it’s your lucky day because we have some illustrations of famous heroes and villains from the various comic universes that’ll amaze you. Keep scrolling and smile wide!



1. The Incredible Hulk.

2. Spiderman from Queens.

3. Loki the heir of Jotunheim.

4. The Perfectionist Hawk Eye.

5. Deadpool the “Merc with a Mouth”.

6. Superman and his cousin Supergirl.

7. The First Avenger, Captain America.

8. Assasin’s Creed.

9. Joker the Mad Man.

10. Knight of Gotham, Batman.

11. Ultron, the villainous AI.

12. Magneto from the X-Men.


13. Hellboy the Half-Demon.


14. The legend, Iron Man.

15. King of Wakanda, Black Panther.

16. Red Skull, the head of Hydra.

17. God of Thunder, Odinson, Thor.

18. Man of Iron, Wolverine.

19. The future of Intelligence, Vision.

20. Guardian of the Sanctum, sorcerer Dr. Strange.

(Source: Spysparrow)