First Grader Came Up With An Answer To This Riddle Going Super Viral Which Is Better Than The Actual Answer

We all have our ways of being ignorant towards the existential crisis which exists in our subconscious minds and is only brought face to face with the hardcore reality in the philosophy class where we are made to sit through the knows and hows of life.

As it turns out the younger lot of the population is more aware of the reality and are poetic in every sense of the term.

One viral tweet of a first-grade teacher is going viral and it is quite a peek inside the heads of first graders. You cannot even get to the depth of the answer these young humans have given to this rather simple riddle.


Here’s the question:

So here is how it went. “I am the beginning of everything, the end of everything, the end of everywhere. I’m the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space. What am I?” You can keep on guessing the answer but you will not be able to decode this easy-peasy puzzle.



And well the very first answer the young kiddos came up with was “death”. “The first guess from one of my 1st graders was ‘death’ and such an awed, somber, reflective hush fell over the class that I didn’t want to tell them that actually the answer is the letter e, which just seemed so banal in the moment,” he tweeted along with the picture of the riddle.

It’s easy to say that they were able to unlock all the secrets of the world with this riddle.  “Before I finally revealed the ‘correct’ answer to the riddle, to a largely unimpressed audience, I fielded other guesses that continued along a similarly existential vein,” Turner tweeted. “There was ‘NOT everything,’ ‘all stuff,’ ‘the end,’ and maybe my favorite, ‘nothingthing.'”

It’s understandable that kids these days are way more in touch with their inner self than any of us. Or in other words with the nothingthing of the universe.