16 Food Habits Of Germans That Americans Always Failed To Understand

You know what is the second thing that connects the whole world other than the internet? It’s Food! Don’t be surprised, because food has its own language that just melts all hearts and brings people of different races together.

Metabolically we need food to survive and grow, plus we just cannot tame our taste buds, no wonder why we consume 11.5 million pounds in a second of a day throughout the whole freaking world.

Every country has its own cuisine and German cuisine seems quite fine, doesn’t it? You know, German restaurants have become the world’s second-most decorated after France. That’s quite fancy! Dishes like Schnitzel, Maultasche, Crepe, etc. While these dishes sound mouthwatering there are some weird food habits the Germans have which I don’t think the Americans would quite understand. But that’s what we want to do, to bring out the differences and odd want out so that we can understand it better. Enjoy the fest!



1. Döner kebab is the national dish of Germany, this whole time I was like, “Hail Schnitzel”.

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2. Why go for PB&J when you can have pork fat in your sandwich.

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3. Herring salad. I thought they murdered Barney the dinosaur.

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4. Edelschimmel, in English Luxurious mold. 


5. The Germans like it fresh. They don’t wash their eggs before freezing them.

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6. They don’t serve drinks with ice in the restaurants. What?

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7. Fries with Mayonnaise, did they run out of ketchup?

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8. They have a freaking machine that peels off asparagus!

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9. Seriously? Cool American flavored Doritos?

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10. Pickled Sausages, that is some weird way to eat hot dogs.

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11. Kaffee und Kuchen the sweet everyday dish.

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12. Raw pork sandwiches, but why?


13. Brotzeit meaning bread-time, which is the common meal of a day.

14. Super Dickmann’s! It’s just a chocolate coated marshmallow.

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15. Flavoured beer. They have in strawberry too!

16. You just can’t ask for a glass of water in a restaurant and not pay for it.

(h/t: BuzzFeed)