15 Foods that People Eat In Hospitals In Different Countries around the World

Is there anything good about hospitals except that it’s a place where they take care of patients and cure them? Not trying to be a meanie but the place is just creepily cold and also that weird smell of spirit everywhere, it’s meant to clear out the germs but it’s quite strong. And to top it off, every hospital has a morgue; yeah the giant refrigerator for preserving dead bodies.

Then there is the hospital food; all my knowledge of foods that are served in a hospital are very pale and yucky. It’s like you actually feel sick looking at them. But to my surprise, it’s very different in other countries. Well, life is not too dull after all if I get pizza on my sick bed like the Americans, all is fine. If you’re curious to know more scroll down and let’s ha·ve some Grey’s Anatomy combined with luxury food, shall we?



1. Philippines.

2. United Kingdom.

3. Australia.

4. Finland.

5. Malaysia.

6. Estonia.

7. Sweden.

8. Singapore.

9. Thailand.

10. Japan.

11. China.

12. United States.


13. France.

14. Germany.

15. Switzerland.

(Source: 9GAG)