16 Freaks who Drastically Failed at Following Instructions that It Got Wildly Funny

There is a way of doing things. Actually, there always has been a way of doing things. For instance, the name on birthday cakes. Someone tells you to write the name on the damn cake, you put the right name on the damn cake. You don’t make a silly mistake. Did you not go to school, Karen?

It’s all about doing your job right. Following the instructions. Doing what has been asked of you. After all, you had one job and you gotta get it right. And so did the people on this list. But they failed at it, while the rest of the world laughed.



1. Mayo on both sides of the bun does not mean putting it like this.

2. It’s written there. Right there.


3. Following the instructions precisely.

4. Kristopher with a ‘K’, indeed.

5. Se7en has never been this fashionable.


6. A square looks exactly like this.

7. The entire universe works together to give you what you asked for.

8. Work nicely done, FedEx. No one will see a thing.

9. You can do the math yourself.

10. There is literally no engraving on this metal plate.

11. Who wants a roll to be cut in half like this?

12. How thick are you boy? It was a simple instruction.

13. Looks legit to me! What do you say?

14. A new kind of watermelon is on the market.

16. Who needs instructions when you have brain cells? Or the lack of them.

(Source: Buzzfeed)