24 Frightening Pictures proving Nature can be Dead-Scary

Nature’s wrath cannot be estimated the beauty it represents. One often wonders how something so stunning, something that’s beauty is insatiable can be considered a subject we should all be scared of. However, there is a torrent of reasons for you to conclude this Earth to be a frightening place to live in.

In case, you still are of the mindset that I am just pulling your leg, you need to reset your brain as I have an abundance of evidence to prove the same. Nature Can Be Lethal.

Here are some reasons to be absolutely petrified of Mother Nature.



1. This lava pit that looks like all the evil souls is crawling into it.

2. When a hermit crab uses a doll head for seashell, you run away.

3. Hey, look! Wasps built a nest around the discarded doll head.

4. You know that you gotta stay the heck away when mother centipede is protecting her little babies.

5. This hornet’s nest that is weaved with the wooden statue.

6. Imagine this- Someone found this fox in the ice lake, cut it out and then put it on the lake to keep people away. Yay!

7. Cymothoa Exigua is a parasite that enters a fish’s gill, eats up its tongue and actually replaces it. How creepy is that!

8. These flowers that look like plague masks/skulls.

9. Devil’s finger fungus that has a creepy touch to it.

10. I have no idea what this is but yikes.

11. What you are looking at is a caterpillar with snakehead. A rare sight.

12. A centipede consumed by a viper eats its way out.

13. This Antartic worm which is called Eulagisca Gigantean.

15. This sheepshead that has teeth like humans, But more than us.

16. You are looking at Wingless Fly Penicillidia which attaches itself to a bat’s head and never leaves.

17. “Something took two clean bites out of this poor sea ravioli”.


18. A fisherman caught this fish with a frog in its mouth. Looks like the frog doesn’t wanna die any sooner.


19. Goliath tiger fish.


20. This is watching another level of wildlife combat.

21. An elusive eel-like shark with rows of terrifying teeth.


22. You are looking at a still of whitetail buck shedding velvet.

23. This Russian deep-sea creature looksfrightening.


24. This fish’s eyes are so pretty.