18 Simple Yet Genius Inventions Which Could Make Everyone’s Life More Convenient

Over the centuries, people have found ways to invent new stuff. Some of them have been accidental but helpful, nonetheless. They have made our life so very convenient innating a sense of happiness which wasn’t present earlier.

This compilation s about celebrating the inventions which made us feel the same. The size of them didn’t matter but the way they served us did.

You just cannot turn your head away from them.



1. Chocolate bars to denote your mood.

2. For your 24*7 necessities.


3. One heck of useful thing you looking at.

4. Someone had to make it.

5. In case, there is an emergency.

6. because walking is important.

7. When you want to charge your phone but hunger strikes in very hard.

8. But it’s doing the task with so much perfection.

9. Very thoughtful of the inventor.

10. For all the people with weak memory out there.

11. Brilliancy has been redefined.

12. No awkwardness from now onwards.

13. Can your kid have a nerdish mood swing? No problemo.

14. When you want to have a cuppa in the rain.

15. For every phone user out there.

16. Convenience and hygiene can go hand in hand.

17. Sleepy kids make your life so happy.

18. Customer satisfaction comes first, every single time.

(h/t: TheChive)