Girl’s tweet about her College assigning her a Very Nasty Email Address is going Viral

A lot of us feel quite proud of the uniqueness that is our email address (In my case, it’s gossip queen). However, the same cannot be said for this college going girl who was assigned a rather accidental but totally naughty (better term for dirty) by Central Washington University where is currently studying.

Her name is Megan Finger and she was provided with a typical college email id like the rest of us. They took the first two letters of her first name and turned it into a very suggestive email address.

The email addresses are computer generated, hence, there is no administrative body to put blame on. All we can do is laugh a bit while we are at it.



The tweet, which is originally from 2014, is doing a round on social media again garnering more than 72,000 retweets and 128,000 likes.

No doubt, Twitter immediately fell in love with her email id whether she liked it or not.

The personal touch is one thing it surely had.

Well, at least we had fun.

Ohhh this one is good as well.

We don’t know whether Megan got the email address changed or not.

(h/t: Someecards)