The Girl Who Used Her Fingers So Creatively to Hand Out Her Phone Number To A Cute Stranger Is Now Engaged

Life is more about the journey than the destinations, don’t you agree? Because it is only through this journey that will make it count and worthy once you reach the ultimate destination. And where does love fit in into this journey?

I happen to be a person who still doesn’t know what loving a stranger is. Like someone who isn’t a part of your family. I do believe in soulmates though, because when a person dies the soul lingers in space falling in pieces to recreate new souls, so when those pieces find each other in the form of humans, they just click, they don’t have to be couple or lovers, it can be any relationship. And the remarkable magic is the way these soulmates meet each other in the most random and unique way.

When Holly met Edwards, she wouldn’t dare imagine how their meeting in a concert would change their lives, but it did and here is how it all happened!



The Kenny Chesney Concert, two years ago at Bridgestone Arena.

Holly and her roomie went to the Kenny Chesney concert on Thursday night, but they didn’t have enough of it so they plan to go the next Friday night again. Unfortunately, the tickets were sold out so they had to go with the scalp tickets. Once the concert began they secretly snuck ahead to a lower level row when they saw two empty seats. They decided to stand there until the true owners come back to fill in but they were in luck as no one came to claim the seats.


Now, this is the part where Holly sees Edward in the crowd.


She was scanning through the crowd as a normal person would, that’s where she locked eyes with this attractive man, they kept staring and smiling at each other through the concert.

“We kept staring and smiling at each other throughout the concert until finally, he waved to me. I instantly had butterflies, and I knew I had to meet him.”

Once he waved making the initiative, she wanted to go to him but they were floors apart, so she took her phone out and pointed towards it.

“I pulled out my phone and pointed at it. I then used my hands to sign my phone number to him from across the crowd – and he texted me!”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone used their fingers to give out their phone no, it’s something only possible in a cheesy rom-com movie, right?


The first text is funny and sweet, the adrenaline rush both of them went through at that moment must be priceless.

So, they greeted each other and introduced themselves while the crowd was in full swing at the concert. Now that’s a true affection.


They planned on meeting up the next day.


On the Date,

They had the most amazing date together because they could connect straightaway and the feeling was mutual and genuine from both sides.

“I canceled a date I had with someone else so I could go – and we’ve been inseparable ever since. That Sunday, I invited R.J. to go to church with me, and to my surprise he happily agreed.”

“The chemistry between us was strong, and I knew I wanted to see him again.” 

And comes the ultimate truth day after two years.

Holly and Edward have been together for two years now. He took Holly to Bridgestone Arena, the same place where they first met. Edward was quite smart in letting one of his friends invite them over to the stadium so that, what he was trying to do didn’t look obvious.

“I immediately grabbed R.J.’s hand and led him towards the section where he was sitting the night we met. Little did I know, I was setting myself up perfectly for his proposal.”

Ginger Johnson

“I was completely shocked and said, “shut up” at least three times before I managed to spit out the word, “Yes!” As he placed the ring on my finger, I could hear cheers and applause, and when I looked over I saw my entire family and all our best friends standing at the entrance. Many of them had traveled hundreds of miles to be there for us.”

The man that stole her heart back in the concert two years ago is now making the amend to keep it with him forever.

Ginger Johnson

Must have been such a fairytale moment for Holly. And she gets to share this beautiful moment with her friends and family, how lucky is she. A man like Edward is worth risking your security in grabbing someone else’s seat at a concert with a scalped ticket. *wink*

Holly got her phone-no. engraved on Edward’s ring to honor the day they met.

She thanks everyone involved by saying, “Thank you Kenny Chesney, thank you ticket scalper, thank you lower level ticket holders who decided not to go, thank you best friend for agreeing to go back with me to the concert for the second night in a row, and thank you God for putting it all together.”

This couple is so extra with all the lovey-dovey fairytale jives but i kinda dig it. They are super cute, and come on! With a man like that who makes you feel like a princess, any girl would totally say yes. Look who’s talking now? Anyways, we wish the couple a happy married life and have beautiful babies in future!

(h/t: TheWayWeMet)