Girl Accidentally sends her Photos to a Stranger seeking Advice on a Dress, and His response is Going Viral

Normally when we text or call a wrong number, on the immediate knowledge that it is the wrong person we say, ‘Sorry, it’s the wrong number’, or if we were having a bad day, mostly in my case, I’d say, “Hello, this is the police station”. Either way, it’s an awkward conversation or a cross connection happening somewhere.

But you’d be surprised in this story of a girl who sent her pictures to a wrong number and actually got a reply in a non-creepy way. You know there are some innocent and non-harmful people too. And this is the story to prove it. Keep reading!



A girl named Syd, the one in the picture went shopping for some evening gowns.

So, Syd like every other normal girl was clicking pictures while trying on the dress and sending them to a female friend for some fashion advice. But she texted the wrong person and there is more coming from it.


The person she texted was a father with 6 kids.

And the man without accusing her of the inconvenience merely replied his and his kids’ advice on the dress. On the text, he wrote, “My wife isn’t home, so I couldn’t get her opinion, but the kids and I think you look stunning in your dress”.

How cute of him to mention his wife and kids and also a positive review on the dress.


The man also inserted the picture of his kids with a thumbs up for the gorgeous dress.

The cute and funny conversation went viral and landed on Twitter.

People loved the innocence in the story and couldn’t stop gushing on them.

On an update to the viral story, the child missing in the picture is fighting against leukemia and also the wife agrees to the fine dress.

Kaizler is the second youngest of the 6 kids. And the tweet popularised his story too for a fundraising for his treatments.

Finally, we get to see a thumbs up from Kraizler as well.

We love the way the father managed to be polite to the girl even though it was mistaken text, and we also hope that Kaizler gets well soon.

(h/t: someecards)