Clumsy Girl shares her Story of Landing on A Wheelchair and It’s Funnier than we thought

We all have had our fair share of experience with clumsiness. Sometimes standing on two feet can get hard. You can fell on the ground, roll over it (in front of everyone) and then just probably wanted to dig a hole and die.

Well, forget about all that- this girl is definitely the queen of clumsiness with her random wild adventurous side unleashed and a barely-there hands & legs coordination. She has single-handedly managed to get herself temporarily on a wheelchair, which is not funny and we are not laughing about it.

However, in the way, she tells her story is quite hilarious. We do not know her real name but she goes by Reddit name TheFlyingPigSquadron. This is her story:




The story started out like any other- quite in a simple manner.

Okay, something fishy is happening here.

Who has ever had gathered the skills to do anything so quickly? No one in the history of humankind.

Just stating the facts.

Even the shower door wasn’t being nice.

That’s quite a lot of injuries she managed to have.

As we all know, nothing is new in Scotland.

Climbing is definitely not her forte.

Hanging around in the wheelchair.

Didn’t let go of her easily, huh?

And he said it. Let’s hope she didn’t break any other bone.

Who isn’t laughing right now?

Which for the record is a very good news.

Because there is nothing in this world some glue cannot fix.

And she has no guilt as she makes that confession.

It’s time for the freezer story, kids. Let’s do it.

Tha’s a pretty smart thing to do.

Okay, I am having a hunch that this is gonna end badly as well.

Being beaten by the freezer door is the ultimate dream.

At least, no bone was broken.

The pill had something really bad in it.

No memory means it never happened.

(h/t: RearFront)