Guy Creates A Brilliant List about Life, and It’s Extremely Accurate

Instagram user, mattsurelee, is an overthinker. Do you want to know how I know? He has a brilliant, but an overactive brain, sees things in chart form. You can think of him as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, just without all the Ph.D.s. His Instagram has quickly gone viral thanks to his hilarious interpretation of the world.

He analyzes everything, from the pros and cons of a perfect date location to a pizza pie chart. Not only are they accurate, but each chart will have you yelling “same!” because they are so very relatable. Look through these charts and tell me if I was wrong about the overthinker thing.



Ah man, I wish this wasn’t so true.

Okay, yes, that actually happens. I just want to enjoy the experience more!


This one is, in fact, wrong, he should have just drawn a circle and said “mine!”

I choose the bottom two. I can deal with chatty, just don’t stink near me.

Here are pros and cons of first date locations.

Is this guy spying on me?

Someone put it in words…

False! I never go for a run.

That poor little brother.

Society needs to know this. Let’s print it and stick it everywhere.

More like choose one. If even that.

That sounds like heaven… I can’t wait for the weekend. Wait, it’s only Monday? Gah…

That is an unhealthy color for your pee. You should drink more liquids.

It’s the circle of life! And it moves us all!

I’m running out of ways to say “accurate”.

If you just keep drinking, at some point your dancing should get better. Either that or you’ll pass out. Win-win.

Those look like the Cheshire cat’s eyes.

“Chad”… this is so relatable it hurts.