This Guy Had The Creepiest Rule While Inviting A Girl Over At His Birthday Party

Asking out a girl or inviting a girl over through text can be very tricky you see. First, you gotta get her to the conversation where she is at the high point in interacting with you and then go for the question, which may or may not be a home run. But I’ll tell you, it get’s very creepy when men, in general, seems to think it’s a “Yes” if you reply them back. No, it’s not! We’re just being polite!


This guy, who’s turning 21 for the first time, you’ll see why he has a walnut for a brain!

He texts a girl he’s been crushing on, inviting her over for his 21st birthday party. Which is normal, but the convo went downhill when the guy sets a very weird and creepy rule. So, she had to upload the screenshots because it’d be a waste to ignore and delete them after a week. And now Reddit got a hold of those convos with the caption she wrote: “Nice guy tried to invite me to his 21st, goes off at me when I say I’m bringing my bf along.”


And this is how it began, he seems pretty normal at first.



Still no RED alert. And she is the first person on his list of invites!

Tension is building….and BOOM!! Wait! What Rules? No males?

Girl’s gotta a point! She likes to hang out with a person she trusts and that’s her BF.

One thing! Is he already high because a normal and sane person won’t type that. Boy! you’ve got some real issues, and trust me it’s not the girl.

This is where it’s confirmed that he has a Walnut for a freaking BRAIN.

And it’s his party so it’s obvious that everything would be organised by him unless he has an army of minions doing it for him. Either he isn’t a social person or he just doesn’t understand what a conversation is supposed to be. And why use the B word, just call her a woman, I mean that’s what she really is. Now, don’t be a liar too!

Yeah, no offence but he does need someone to take tests on him.

She has a boyfriend, not a dynamite!

He calls it a simple rule! Why even bother man, you’ll do way better at being alone.

Yes, what is he planning to do?

Re-enact the music video of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” in a guy version. That’d be super-cool though!

Have fun turning 21 boy, I think you’ll need it.

He was searching for it, I wasn’t being mean, I was simply explaining them in a line or two where you put more sense and make it short. He is so unique though and brave! It’s truly making me wonder how the party actually took place.

So, there you have it, now you know what not to text to a girl while inviting her to your party when you just turned 21. The first rule: you need dating lessons.