This Guy Drops A Subtle Hint To His Messy Flatmates By Creating A Sarcastic Spotify Playlist

Getting done with high school and finally moving out of our parent’s house to live in the college dorm or an apartment, is pretty exciting, right? Finally free from home and ahead, to start an independent journey.

There is a ‘But’ though like they say, “with every perfect thing comes a small blemish”. The word is a flatmate or a roommate, they are not that bad but sometimes there are some flatmates who just don’t have the idea to clean their own mess leaving you to clean up most of the time. And if you’re a neat freak, boy! you’re in trouble!

20-year-old Ben Winter, a presenter and assistant manager at Radio Sonar from U.K. experienced the same situation and got tired of always being the one to clean up all the messes in the house. Ben sparked a funny idea to bring up this issue in a non-offending way towards his flatmates by creating a hilarious Spotify playlist. Check it out! It’s not a bad idea!



‘I Can’t Wait To Move Far Away And Then, If I Never See You Again, I Will Be The Happiest Man Alive.’

The art of subtlety is by far the funniest.

‘Good F***ing Bye. Oh, And One More Thing, Someone Else Take The Bins Out For A Change. Pretty F**king Sick (Of It All). King Regards, Disgruntled B*****d.’


I am laughing so hard my tummy hurts, literally! How did he even manage to get all these tracks? He must have done some research, the perfection in the phrases denotes how freaking tired and serious he is about the issue.

Ben posted screenshots images of the playlist on Twitter and people loved it.

The tweet got 13,000 retweets and 42,000 likes, clearly signify that people are loving is the use of music for something entirely different. Though Ben says to that he made the playlist “just for a laugh”, I’m pretty sure he wanted to see some guilt results from his flatmates as well.

This is the picture of the whole gang.

‘I thought it would be a more subtle way of getting the message across to my housemates that they need to start pulling their weight a bit more. I originally thought they were never going to speak to me again, but thankfully they all saw the funny side.’ Ben adds.

Ben concludes: ‘I have told them, however, that they should also take the tweet a little bit more seriously as we haven’t had our bins collected in over 2 weeks and it’s getting out of control!’

If you wanna go through Ben’s Playlist, you can download the Kitchen Tracks from here.

My best wishes for Ben hoping that his mates finally get the subtle hint and start doing their dishes too.