This Guy Lost His Driver’s License When He Was Drunk, and Then This Happened

There are only two reasons why we drink, either we are celebrating a success, a certain situation, or we’re mourning for a misfortune, so it’s plainly a good or a bad reason. But whatever the reason is the outcome of both are not pretty, in fact, they can turn out very nasty.

What alcohol does to our body is numb our basic nervous system taking over the conscious mind and bringing out our subconscious mind, so things that we never said out loud or did are the ones gonna be on display while we’re drunk. Pretty accurate huh? It’s more like a cheap truth serum!

Getting up with a bang in the head with a heavy hangover and a list of regretted actions of the previous night is a common residue, we all have them! The same happened to this guy who lost his Driver’s License while drinking and the next morning he got a mail with a twist in the end.



This is Will tweeting about his lost ID and the mail he got the next day.


And this is what he got in his Mail. An envelope from Flight Centre, which is a Travel Agency based in the UK.


Now that’s some pretty hectic and tight schedule.

So, in the mail is an attached copy of a flight schedule starting from the 1st – 9th of Dec, 2017. And the schedule is registered in Will’s name. Boy, that’s gonna be one busy pre-Christmas week!


And Baaam! Another page notifying Lord George William that his balance is due to be paid off until Friday, the 10th of Nov.

Yeah, it’s not that much, just £5,289.87 for a business class trip to Abu Dhabi, The Maldives then back to London. That’s nearly seven freaking thousand dollars!!


So, in order to calm down Will’s Heart Attack, the company inserted another page too.

You can clearly see Will’s face on the ID attached to the note that said, “We’re just kidding(smiley emoji) we’ve found you’re driving license (enclosed) outside our shop and thought you might need it! Just make sure you consider us for your next holiday. Take care!”


Will took the liberty to meet the man who staged the twisted prank and tweeted about it!

And Steve returned the gesture as well.

People on Twitter found it hilarious and took no time to retweet, here are the comments!

Maybe that mini prank will teach Lord George William a lesson, to always chain your ID to your wallet, just kidding! But at least it might’ve hit hard on the head I swear because I would totally go ballistic if I was in his shoes!

(h/t: ThePoke)