This Guy Photoshops himself into every Oscar-Nominated Movie Poster making it Damn-Hilarious

When we say that being an artist is not an easy task but it also provides a lot of fun with the work that needs to be done, this is exactly the reason why! A genius Graphic Designer, Comedian and Photoshop mogul named Guy Madjar based in Chicago Illinois effortlessly photoshopped himself into Oscar-nominated movie posters that looks explicit and as real as it can get. He not only focusses on the theme of the famous posters but also did quite an excellent job in inserting his own version of the story alongside the glorious Hollywood actors.

Guy goes by the username @ThatGuyInTheMovie on his social platforms where he posted some of his crisp works and no wonder why people seem to adore his talent and comic presentation. Have a look at his magical photoshop fest where he mystically appears in Oscar-nominated movie posters.



He seems to be checking out “The Shape Of The Water”, get it?

So what if there was a fourth billboard.

That entrance on “The Post” landed with a great fall.

Clearly, smoking leads us to “The Darkest Hours”.

Because standing with the lady in olive is always a pleasure.

Of course, taking a selfie of the event that shaped our world is a must.

“Keep looking”

Enjoying the popcorns now matter what!

Here are some more posters, just to keep you entertained.

The Grand Budapest Hotel hired a new employee.

“Guess who?” #grandbudapesthotel #wesanderson #movie #poster

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The best possible reply you can ever imagine.

Just feeding the seagulls by the Sea in Manchester.

All he cares about is the ice-cream.

#lalaland @lalaland

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8. When you’re a great actor who is also a big Tupac fan.


Who would’ve thought these serious posters would turn out to look like that, right? For more pictures, you can also follow Madjar on Instagram and Twitter.