Twitter Is Banging This Guy Hard After He Got Flawlessly Rejected By A Girl’s DM

How simple has it been to hit on a girl or ask a girl out on a date? Since the dawn of civilization, changes are seen in every sector, so the same goes for this as well.

Earlier it used to be more romantic when a guy takes the time and effort to get an attention of a girl he likes by going all the way out, asking them as a gentleman the old school way. But now, none of that exist no more because people are all in this rat race and nobody has the time to go overbroad for a stranger that might reject them.

The same bitter taste of rejection sprouted on a young boy who tried hitting on a girl on her Twitter DM, it’s sad but quite funny how the girl came up with a witty response.



Here’s how the tragedy of this boy went down.

This is  Nicholas Pallone, a 19-year-old boy from Dacula, Georgia. All he wanted was to score big time with a girl he’s been crushing on. He thought he was smooth with it by DM’ing her some cheesy pick up line. But boy! He was wrong! 

How random is the first DM?


I’d say it’s smart how he tries at first to get the girl’s attention and get her to reply by asking a random question.

Oh well, who uses such lines? The conversation is predicted to be doomed.

This is too cringy, why don’t the earth just swallow me up! And who the hell says ”U R A Q T”? Well, we found one from Georgia! And the girl’s response is such a savage. Poor Nicholas! Better try harder next time with the actual words, “you are a cutie”.

Twitter got a hold of the DM’s and the rest is history!


That was cold but he asked for it!

The motivation is unreal!

Same thing happened to me too!

Yes, it’s very relevant, the rejection was perfectly hurtful.

At least now we are aware that girls don’t like to be asked out using only letters, words would be nicer.

(h/t: PizzaBottle)