Guy shares Everything that’s Changed after Moving In with his GF in Epically Funny Tweets

Life with a woman can be quite different for the male gender. They enter a whole new spectrum understanding that their lifestyle till now has been nothing but a sham and they haven’t tasted the finesse of a good lifestyle.

Arthur Dwayne moved in with his girlfriend recently. He found out things which he had no idea existed. And he decided to share his experience with the fellow Twitter users making them informed about the beauty of having a girl as a roommate.

You are either gonna die laughing or nod your head in approval at this.



It all started with this guy’s questioning the way his girlfriend wanted to change sheets.

Why this sudden alien rule?


Nothing more awkward than someone cleaning your things.

What the heck did she mean by that?

Well, yeah, we don’t have even single doubt about that.

For the guests, bro. obviously. 30 unexpected guests that might come anytime.

Everyone needs decorative towels.

Gotta meet halfway on everything.

Because you know how to do certain things.

Gotta state the facts whenever necessary.

You need to have two rags for your body washcloth needs.

Other small facts that require mentioning.

3 hour is not that long of a time if you think about it.

Google and the rest of us.

Two shower curtains? For what purposes!

Oh wow. Now, he knows why.

We are pretty smart, to be honest.

That’s definitely a life-changing moment.

Always need to have a backup in case you run out of one.

We think so too, dear Arthur.

Who could have thought of doing everything online?

A woman does really change your life.

Because you never had a woman in your life, bruh.

Let me tell you, you are not alone.

Life is so much sorted and so better now.

He just couldn’t stop himself from laying out the details.

And here’s the conclusion.

No one is gonna deny this little fact.

(Credit: WeNotSocks)