24 Guys That Are Making Every Other Boyfriend Look Weak

There is a special bond between two people who love each other enough to decide to be together. But no matter how perfect two people are for each other, there are some things they wish they could change about each other. For the girl, no doubt they would like their boyfriend to be a little more romantic.

We are sure that these guys try their best, but because we are mostly single, we would like to rub some salt in the wound by showing you these amazing boyfriends. They win every boyfriend award ever. Have a look, and maybe you will find the motivation to step up your game.



1. This is a cute idea, but he just ruined her scale. I hope he will buy her a new one to make up for it.


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2. This is the best gift ever! Not only is he so cute, but he is a friend too…


3. This guy created a Netflix fort… Can you imagine coming home to this after a difficult day?

4. These are customized dog tags for an army wife… Amazing.

5. Okay, men, take notes. This clever man made his girlfriend bacon roses. He gets every award ever.

6. He tried, and there’s cake. He did very well.

7. This is all the proof you need that a good boyfriend does not need a lot of money to be romantic.

8. She had too much to drink, so this is how he took care of her.

9. See, this is incredibly simple but oh so effective.

10. This is how you should propose to a girl who is obsessed with Disney.

11. And this is how you spoil your new Disney-obsessed fiancee.

12. This would melt our hearts into a giant puddle.

13. A homemade ring has so much more meaning than a store bought ring.

14. This man knows his wife too well, and so he made custom labels for her wine.

15. If you made handmade Harry Potter book covers for your girl, chances are she will marry you on the spot.

16. That’s it, artistic boyfriends are the best!

17. Seriously, when you propose, make her a ring yourself.

18. This boyfriend made a podium, for his girlfriend. She will be able to teach much better now.

19. This guy made a ring from a quarter from the year his girlfriend was born. This is so beautiful.

20. His girl was scared of leaving for school, so he wrote her 325 letters to remind her that she loved him.

21. All this husband did was re-organize the pantry for his wife, and she was so grateful.

22. This man made a home-made bracelet for his girlfriend.

23. We are telling you right now, that this is every bookworm’s dream.

24. Sometimes a girl is entitled to some time on her own, and sometimes her boyfriend does this to make it possible for her.

(h/t: YesPlz.co)