The Harry Potter Star Cast, Then Vs Now

Even after it has been quite a time since the last installment of the world famous franchise was released, we can’t get quite out of thee Harry Potter zone. I still can’t believe it has been so many years since we were introduced to the magical world of Hogwarts. Time really flies by, doesn’t it? We have grown so much since then. And so has the star cast of the very famous movie.

Let’s have a look at how far the stars have come since their younger days.


1. Puberty has treated Matthew Lewis quite right.

2. Bonnie Wright has her own production house on the way. She is a star on the rise.

3. The twins have probably stopped dying their hair.

4. If you guys remember Percy then let me tell you, he is the co-founder of a theatre company.

5. Draco doesn’t look quite evil as he used to earlier. He will be seen in some movies this year.

6. Crabbe is a bad boy in real life. So it turns out, the role really suited him.

7. Gregory Goyle recently becomes a father and he has some movie projects up his sleeves.

8.  Evanna Lynch seems to have come out nicely from her awkward Harry Potter days.

9. Puberty has been kind to him as well.

10. You must have seen this guy in ‘How to get away with murder.’ Yup, he has been thriving all right.

11. Lee Jordan became more inclined towards other jobs and hence appearing in the Harry Potter series.

12. And this is how an actor turns into a musician.

13. Colin Creevey can be seen in Parade’s end and White Queen along with other productions.

14. You will be seeing Katie Leung starring in a TV series called ‘One Child’.

15. Azad has turned into a beautiful diva.

16. Just like Azad, you can see Chowdhury’s work on YouTube.

17. And we all know what happened to young Cedric. He now lives a life of the lovely vampire.

18. Freddie Stroma has grown up to be a heart stealer.

19. Lavender Brown has got a lot of jobs on television since the year 2014.

20. Daniel Radcliffe now stars in Broadway. A different star altogether.


21. Emma Watson has grown up so hot and beautiful.