20 Hilarious Failures of People that’ll Make You Feel Better

Which type of person are you? The one who laughs when a friend falls or the one who remains calm and helps them up? Yeah, now you’re doing some self-analyzation, aren’t you? Well, I’d hate to break it up to you but I think most of us would just crack up laughing and also help them up at the same time. It’s kinda rude to laugh at a friend but come on, it’s funny! It’s an epic fail and you just can’t ignore it.

These sudden fails and accidents always follow a trail of laughter, so being alone would be a great bonus. But luck always plays hard-to-get. All we can do about is just look at them and enjoy these fails. They’re actually quite funny.



1. Why is the pudding showing a mid-finger?

2. You’ve got only two hands, man!

3. The most interesting pic of the day.

4. That’s gonna leave a red mark.

5. How cold is it down there?

6. I’m guessing it’s her dad on the phone, but I cloud be wrong!

7. The fake spoilers are okay, but hello! This is too much.


8. Yeah, right! So genuine!

9. Next time, you might need to lose the heels.







12. It is so freaking creepy.

13. ‘Innecense’ is definitely gone.

14. Uh oh, bad timing baby!

15. Okay, this is something new.

16. “Good thing he has his scalp tied down.”

17. It likes to stand out, being unique and useless.

18. Kinda creative but it’s still a mistake.

19. Someone needs to go back to school.

20. The coffee maker wets itself.

21. This WAS a cool tattoo until it wasn’t.


22. How about “using” some self-respect?


23. What a dumb question. With peel, of course. It’s the best part!

(Source: eBaum’s World)