20 Hollywood Facts On Mishaps And Hazardous Accidents That Took Place While Filming

Been a movie-geek my whole life, worked out well for a child who took solace from bullies, social awkwardness and an inability to play well with others in movies and video games. The glorified art of portraying stories of all kinds through the lens with a projection of moving bodies and galactic creatures to the screen, it saved my soul. Hollywood to me is the Hogwarts of Cinema where magic is created to book an escape passage that no one can take away from us.

From true stories, novel adaptation, political innuendos to sci-fi action, the list doesn’t end here. But with all these marvelous movie sets and costumes also comes a disastrous mischance, injury and technical catastrophe. The accidents that add the spice to the movie franchises and led a good front page for the promotions. It’s preposterous to even imagine that with such mastery in the direction that there wouldn’t be any misfortune. Thus the accidents become a part of the sacrifice and dedication the crew had to succumb for greater productions.

To highlight such sacrifices stuntmen, crews and actors deliberately went through, we put together a list which we want to add to their unforgetting dedication that ended up being an unfortunate mishap.



1. The Hangover Part II.

While shooting a scene of Scott McLean putting his head out of a taxi in Bangkok. The stuntman playing his stunt-double got hit in the head by a vehicle that led to a severe brain damage to the stuntman.

2. Gladiator.


Oliver Reed’s character Proximo was still filmed after his death from a heart attack using CGI to superimpose his face onto a body double. Though the ghostly role appeared for a short 2 mins, to achieve the whole effect cost a sum of $3.2 million.

3. Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Actress Gabriela Cedillo who was working as an extra in the movie ended up having a brain damage and paralysis after she got hit by a steel cable that snapped, striking her while performing a car stunt.

4. The Conqueror.

The set of the movie was scheduled in an area where U.S military tested nuclear weapons 3 years ago, leading to 91 out of 220 actors and crew of the movie to develop cancer in the future years. Ultimately 46 of them died from the dreaded disease.

5. The Interview.

Though the movie cast a comedic attempt to assassinate the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, the hacker group, Guardians of Peace, threatened to attack Cinemas that screened the Ironic film.

6. The Lone Ranger.

Johny Depp was trampled by horses while shooting the western, action-packed comedy movie. And that’s not the only bad news, a loss of up to $190 million was expected after Disney briefly halted the production of the movie but got talked out of it.

7.  Rocky IV.

In order to make the boxing scenes realistic, actor Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren decided to have a real match, unfortunately, a strong blow at Stallone’s chest made the tissue around his heart swell up and he immediately took to the hospital by a chopper, he stayed in the ICU for 8 days to recover.

8. The Wizard of Oz.

Margaret Hamilton, the actor who portrayed the role of Wicked Witch, suffered from first and second-degree burns after she failed to escape from a trap door when the pyrotechnics detonated. In the scene, she had to disappear within smokes and flames for special effects.

9. Noah’s Ark.

600,000 gallons of water were poured in order to achieve the mighty flood, but the water destroyed a temple crushing an actress and injuring crew members of the movie.

10. Titanic.

Many extra actors were injured while filming the great fall of the Titanic ship sinking. Actress Kate Winslet who played the role of Rose also got pneumonia after spending long hours inside water.

11. The Expendables 2.

Silvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger both had a shoulder surgery after the movie production when a staged explosion took place on a boat that went haywire, also taking the life of a stuntman and injuring a crew member badly.

12. Cast Away.

Tom Hanks got a cut on his leg while filming the movie in Fiji, the actor delayed for two weeks to see a doctor claiming that only when his leg swells up he’ll get an appointment. After he saw a doctor, Hanks was told that if he came an hour late he could’ve lost his life due to blood poisoning.

13. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Olivia Jackson is a stunt double who had her left arm amputated just after a year of having a horrific accident while shooting a motorcycle chase scene in 2015 for the movie.

14. The Passion of the Christ.

Jim Caviezel who played the role of Jesus Christ in the movie accidentally got whipped for real in the whipping scene, got a dislocated shoulder, and hypothermia from filming outside in winter barely wearing anything. The actor also got struck by lightning.

15. The Exorcist.

Ellen Burstyn who played the role of Regan’s mother suffered from a spinal injury when she fell down backward after being slapped for a scene in the movie.

16. Jesse James.

A horse intentionally was ridden off a cliff for a scene in the movie that triggered animal welfare in Hollywood movies.

17. Shark.

While shooting the movie, a stuntman was killed on camera horribly by a shark which was supposed to be sedated.

18. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

27 farm animals, including sheep and goats, died while shooting the movie due to dehydration and exhaustion.

19. X*X.

Harry L. O’Connor, Vin Diesel’s stuntman double hit a bridge and died instantly while performing a shooting stunt for the movie.

20. Die Hard.

Actor Bruce Willis lost two-thirds of his hearing while filming for a louder than normal shooting scene for the movie.

(h/t: Factinate)