Hot 2000’s Fashion Trends that too Embarrassing Today

The early 2000’s were a big fashion blob as the fashion world was also changing with the age that is from the 20th to the 21st century. It’s for every sector because the time between the end and a new beginning is always confusing with a 50-50% chance of either being perfect or a total disaster.

Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan were few of the It Girls during these years. All of them flaunted trends that did look hot and sizzling at the time but not anymore. I use to wear them too but now I wouldn’t dare even looking at them.

So, here are the long-gone fashion hot-shots that were once in your wardrobe but now deep down buried in a grave.



1. The Popular Juicy Velour Matching Tracksuits, so happy never wore them!

2. Layering a tank top, yeah that trend has r.i.p.



3. Dress and jeans? It’ ridiculous, and only someone like Jessica Alba can pull it off.

4. If it wasn’t for Kaley Cuoco, that hat would make me hate cotton candy forever!


5. Used to rock these highlights, never going back again!


6. The 2000’s had this weird notion of wearing a tie as a belt, like why? It’s insane.


7. The Silk lace camis, I think this trend should just remain in the lingerie section!

8. The Cropped Shrugs was cute then, now its a no-no.


9. I hated this trend, The Emo Puffed Hairstyle with chunks of different shades.

10. The Low rise denim mini skirt, very fewer women can maintain to look decent in it.

11. I don’t think the mesh open bottom top will ever be worn again. Just nope!


12. The low waisted jeans, I remember starving myself for it, such a trauma!

13. Well, the tight tubes were indeed hot but now it’s just too normal and overrated.


14. I never really understood the swag of the Fedora Hats.


15. This trend was huge, the denim vest over a t-shirt!

16. The opened bottom top, very revealing yet not so sultry anymore.

17. The micro mini denim over leggings, thank God it’s no more.


18. Kim Kardashian West rocking the Ed Hardy brand.

19. I feel like I’m going to my old wardrobe, The famous Studded Belt.


20. The thick wedge sandals that do give you height but it’s more like walking with a brick.