24 Hysterically Funny Situations that Only a Picture can Explain Perfectly

There are a lot of times when we experience something really funny on our own that we wanna share with our friends as well. But it’s hard to put it in words, so unless they saw it too, the reaction won’t be the same. And when it comes to explaining things, that’s where I shine. In fact, people around me are sick and tired of this annoying gift that I have. But still, there are some situations even where my jaw just drops.

So in such cases where you just can’t do much with words, well there’s always a solution, Cameras! Yep, we snapshot them on our phones and that’s how we share it with our inner circle and also with the world through the Internet. And that’s how we got a hold of this amazing list of pictures that we are about to show you. Enjoy!



1. It’s like a tree version of beetroot.

Don’t know why but it’s so pretty that you just wanna eat it.

Purple wood from interestingasfuck

2. What a neat choice to land on, birdie!

Is her head soft enough for you?

A bird landed on my girlfriend’s head from pics

3. Okay, this is massive.

It seems so naked without it.

This is what it looks like when a vine wall falls off the side of the wall from mildlyinteresting

4. Wow, never seen anything like this before.

The density of the soap is stopping the bottle from cracking.


5. This is a perfect fit 360, no anomalies.

Those pineapple slices are a match made in heaven for the sinkhole.

Accidentally dropped a pineapple can and the stack of slices fit perfectly in my sink drain. from mildlyinteresting

6. Oh my, I literally thought it was her tongue.

But it was just a red capsicum.

This pepper that resembles a tongue from mildlyinteresting

7. “When you are rushing to put out a fire, but you see some kids having a water fight…”

Having fun is important than saving lives, it seems!


8. Tripple hands on the chest like a train.

And he clearly didn’t want that kiss.


9. It’s shiny and gold, and it hurts me when I don’t have it.

The Sun? Nah….gold bricks!


10. Better cut down on the sandwiches.

And the pastries too!

when greek got fitbit from Greekgodx

11. Okay, John is sick of the cold winter.

He deserves a vacation.

Jon Sand? from ATBGE

12. What’s Peter Pan doing in the pot section?

Did we miss something?


13. It must be very windy inside that van.

Naturally air-conditioned.

If only… from facepalm

14. Woah, they are toasted and turned into ash.

Maybe you’ll need a trip to the shop.

I think my clothes are dry from Wellthatsucks

15. It’s okay, we learn from our mistakes.

You just have to be patient to clean the mess.

When it’s your second night on your own and you learn the hard way that dish soap and dish detergent are not interchangeable from Wellthatsucks

16. Run as fast as you can, ladies.

Who came up with this idea?


17. “This is where the tile meets the carpet in my apartment’s clubhouse.”

It’s impossible to mop without getting the carpet wet.


18. “This bathroom sign lets you know which stall is empty before going in.”

Well, that’s really useful.


19. This guy has one eyebrow hair that never stops growing.

I don’t know why but this is mildly interesting and hilarious.


20. This ball-like thing is connecting two building in South Beach, Miami.

I don’t know why it exists.


21. What happens in Vegas…

Seems like a good night though.


22. Hello, welcome to my shop!

This is a ridiculously handsome cat.


23. Nice use of Legos.


24. It looks like Pepsi is kidnapping Coca-cola.


Now that was interesting, wasn’t it? Who would’ve thought it would extend up to this level of madness. Anyways, we hoped you liked it too.