These Impressive Illustrations Perfectly Depict The Life Of An Introvert, See If You Relate To It

Google says that an introvert is a person who is shy and resilient. Total and utter unbelievable things (I wanted to use other inappropriate words, but that wouldn’t have been nice). If you ask me, which you are not, but I am gonna tell you anyway. Introverts have got a way of life. They prefer their own company and like to be a potato around the clock. If you are making any plans with them, there’s a big chance that you will be canceled out on. Sorry, pal.

Lingvistov perfectly illustrates how the brain functions inside the heads of an introvert. If you relate to the following and can feel yourself being a part of the loner squad, you are one of them. Congratulations.



1. Busy-ness is the way of their life.

2. Well, it’s so close to my heart, I might weep.


3. Because being social is overrated as heck.


4. Well, that’s true. Love doesn’t hold you back.

5. Sudden realizations happening at the worst moments.

6. Time should not be a limitation, anyway.

7. Who on this planet can beat nap? No one.

8. Other people: One episode per night. An introvert: One season per night.

9. Friendship goals are right here.

10. Now, we shall want to appreciate properly.

11. Are we ever ready? I don’t think so.

12. Weekends party be like: