This Artist Creates Illustrations Of Disney Princess And Marvel/DC Superheroes In A Striking Way

Artist Joel Santana from the United States is an Illustrator and designer with a great interest in animation, photography and fine arts. The man has combined his over the top skill to bring out some of the amazing Disney, Marvel, and DC characters in the most unique and fresh way that hasn’t been seen elsewhere.

He gives a modern touch to the decades-old Disney princess by making them a true art of bodies filled with tattoos. The list also includes the strong and mighty Marvel and DC superheroes portrayed into a cute and comical presentation.

Here is the amazing collection of the man who has thus given us a wider variety of the characters we grew up watching.



1. The Great Hulk And Thor, dynamic-duo!

2. Snow white ditching her gown and painting her destiny.

3. Batman Vs Superman.


4. Tinkerbell getting inked in her tiny body.

5. The romance of Hulk and Black Widow captured by Spiderman.


6. Alice getting inked about her journey in Wonderland.

7. Harley and Joker having a freakish night under the moonlight.


8. The bookworm Belle getting inked by the ferocious beast.

9. In the comics, Hulk was closest to lifting the Hammer(Mjolnir) in Avengers 4.


10. Mushu and Mulan getting cozy while she gets her tattoo done.

11. Princess Jasmine on the magic carpet relaxing while she gets her next tattoo.

12. The Little Mermaid Ariel steps out in the land for a tat in her striped stockings.

13. Well, Deadpool is just being Deadpool.


14. Hulk and Wolverine roasting marshmallows.


15. Batman snaps the golden buckle with his tight grrrrr.


We totally adore Joel’s artistic interpretation. We’ve all known and seen this characters since childhood but I don’t think we ever pictured them in such manners. Isn’t that amazing? To create something new out of something old and make it still look good and humorous. We hope to see more from him in future.

Here are his social accounts, Facebook and Twitter.

(h/t: ArtOfSantana)