20 Incidents Proving Luck Isn’t A Myth

There’s immense pressure on us when we know something bad is gonna happen very soon. Like you send a text to your boss and instead of saying ‘sir’, it read ‘loser’. Well, that’s a road leading straight to hell. You cannot do anything about it. It’s done. You are jobless.

Now, imagine that you send the text to your friend instead of your boss. Just your luck, isn’t it? Well, that’s what happened with the people on the below list. They were so darn lucky, you’d be first shocked with your jaw dropped and then, in complete awe.



1. This triple treat.

2. Oh my god, this almost hurtful situation.


3. This is what being lucky looks like.

4. Hence proved, being a nerd is not a bad thing.

5. The squirrel ran faster than Flash after seeing a dog.

6. And the key didn’t slip off…

7. A break you never knew you needed.

8. Never seen anything so neat.

9. Gloves getting cut instead of a finger is the best.

10. “The day when you were not hurt.”


11. Eyegasm at its best.

12. The tree bridge no one wanted.

13. Who wouldn’t like a bite of that?

14. Stumbling upon rareness is not rare.

15. *Facepalms* Luck has played its part so well.

16. So close. So darn close.

(h/t: eBaum’s World)

17. Three double yolks, woah!

18. My one went into the gutter, I’m feeling so unlucky now. 🙁

19. That was very close!

20. That’s how you shut up your competitor’s mouth.