15 Innovative DIY’s to Save More Space In Your Apartment

When you are out to chase your dreams and goals without any help from your parents, you know that fresh feeling of independence where you take your own decisions even though sometimes it’s stupid. It feels good to have your own little space where you come home from work every day and just veg out binging on Netflix. That one place where you are the King of the Castle and no one can judge or criticize you.

But often times, unless you work for Tony Stark, you have to manage with budget-friendly apartments where the open space might be a tiny bit smaller than your parent’s house. So, all your extra stuff gets clogged in somewhere in a closet and you feel suffocated. But fear not, there are experts that can save you from these problems as well. Just a smart way of living and organizing your household objects in the most creative way to give you more space and look neat at the same time. Here they are!


1. No more Giant mugs for holding up your brushes.

By making small incisions in your bathroom cupboards, you can place your brushes safe and tidy away from germs.


2. A neat way to organize your pieces of jewelry.

If you own a medicine cabinet you can install pins and hoops to hang your necklaces and earrings, so that you don’t lose them or tangle them.


3. Here’s a budget-friendly knife holder.

It’s okay if you can’t afford the glass or marble fancy knife holders because you can use bamboo sticks filled in a jar just for the job.


4. A stack of hangers for more room in the closet.

By inserting the tab of soda cans on the hangers you can actually create a line of hangers. Very smart!


5. Nail the metal jar covers on top of the cupboards.

This is quite interesting, you save up double space in the cabinets.


6. Install magnet plates on the top deck of the fridge.

All the metal cans can easily be fixed up top for more freezing room.


7. Paste Velcro Tape on the walls to keep your controllers safe.

These can save them from getting lost and also adds a quirky design.


8. Magnet strap to keep your bobby pins in place.

Now you can save some money instead of buying bobby pins again and again.


9. A carabiner to hold your rubber bands.

These bands are so easy to loose now you don’t have to worry.


10. These metal hooks can be used in various ways.

But what better way is there than to hang your camisoles on them.


11. Install PVC Pipes in your garage for your metal tools.

This way they will keep the tools in place and organized so that they don’t fall over.


12. The sticky Hooks can be literally used in numerous ways.

To hold up your kitchen tools, quilting supplies, the list goes on.


13. You can insert CD racks in your kitchen cabinets.

Now you can stack and organize your plastic containers properly.


14. Plastic pouches to keep your bathroom supplies in place.

This actually can be used for makeup and shoes as well.


15. You can use a chicken wire for a cool jewelry collection.

Place the net in a frame and you can hang all your earrings in them to keep on display.

(h/t: Diply)