23 Times when Kids Cried for the Silliest Reasons that Ever Existed

Kids are bittersweet. One minute you think they are so sweet and adorable, the next you witness their wild side making you think you’ve been cursed. No doubt they are the most innocent beings on earth because they have no clue about what is right or wrong. And when they smile you just can’t help but smile too. But when they cry it just breaks your heart and you start to panic. Not a great feeling at all.

Many times, because young kids are still at their prime age of learning how to speak, their only medium of speech is by either laughing, smiling or crying. The reasons for their laughter and crying varies a lot. You never know what would make them crack out a laughter or what would make them go red by crying. Here are some of the silliest reasons captured by parents who caught their babies crying. Enjoy!



1. Baby baby baby oh, please don’t cry!

2. Did you try using E6000 glue, mommy?

3. He just needs to go through this phase.

4. When the waiting game really works you up.

5. It’s the other way around, honey!

6. Did you check your tummy, sweetheart?

7. But why the gloves? Kinda like Young Sheldon.

8. Bad daddy, you could’ve just let her think Vader is a candy man.

9. Just give him the damn pink socks at least!

10. Haha, she’s so funny but did you notice the toes?

11. He already got the beer belly.

12. Oh honey, don’t worry we can freeze them too.

13. But why is she playing with a tampon, first of all?

14. This kid just made my day.

15. I’d do the same, I feel you kid!

16. Must’ve had a bad nightmare.

17. She is going to be a perfect mommy someday.

18. The love of Bacon is true love.

19. They say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

20. “It’s our dinner baby”.

21. Does it taste like chocolate?

22. Now that’s going to be a long explanation.

23. “I said this is my table, my spot, only mine!”

(Source: Imgur)