18 Times when Kids went So Downright Hilarious

Kids have their own way with everything. When they get on to something, they do not let anyone go ahead of them. Whether it’s about a race or their love for tomato ketchup. They are here to preach and maybe outlive the rest of us. Because you know what? They are damn funny too.

Take out your notebooks and pens because this is going to be so enlightening for all of us. Jot down the notes and learn from the younger generation. They will make you understand how humor works. And it is goddarn funny.



1. The best game strategy we have ever seen.

2. You should always celebrate your achievements.


3. Now, we all know why.

4. The best sticker we have seen this year.

5. There should be a kid’s vocabulary in the market. It sounds dope.

6. No one tells a kid that he is wrong.

7. He surely looks like he needs some help.

8. Oh, look all the care he is throwing your way. *cries in a corner*

9. She knows what are her priorities. Show respect.

10. We can keep on playing this fun game forever.

10. No one can win against a kid on a carousel horse.

11. This kid knows what s/he wants in life.

12. This is what we call money well-spent.


13. When you have life goals right in front of you.

15. You should have your facts double checked before messing with a kid.

16. Isn’t that we all want?

17. Oh, how damn painful this one is!

18. You keep on preaching, young lady.