20 Side by Side Photos showing the Magical Genes between Parents & Kids

When you see these pictures for the first time, you’d think they are the same person. However, soon you will notice the subtle but very-much-there dissimilarities which will make you gaga with just one thought – how did this even happen? Well, there is only one logical reason behind it, genes are stronger than you and me combined. They are capable of setting us off with the sheer identical-ness it can put into a generation.

The resemblance between the generations in this compilation is so uncanny, you will have to take a double look to believe them. Not only will you rub your eyes but also point at that laptop and shout ‘photoshop’ very loudly.

At times, people are blessed with such amazing genes, the envy sort of rushes through until you are choked with every thought of it. So let’s see how you feel about this gallery. In case, you run to your family album to try and compare your picture with your parents’, we won’t be shocked.



1. This kid is a dead ringer for his father.

2. Who would believe that they are not the same person?

3. That similar look is uncanny. They looked shocked after seeing something.

4. Mother-daughter duo who share the same gene.

Looks like they worked very hard on getting the same background.

5. No need for a DNA test to make sure that it’s your child.

6. The identical goofiness is almost unsettling.

That naughty smile runs in the family.

7. The mother-daughter pair shares the same smile.

8. Those eyes speak more than they ought to!

And from the picture below, they are not happy with what they are seeing.

9. That crease on the forehead though.

The cuteness of this one will give you a sugar-rush.

10. One simply cannot overlook the similarity between these two.

11. That smile is breathtaking and borderline creepy.

12. In almost the same pose, this mother-daughter pair looks like the same person.

13. Reviving old memories like it was never a part of the past.

14. This three generation of grandmother, mother, and daughter who are so darn similar.

15. How cute do they really look?!

16. The son must have spent so much time finding a similar vest.

17. Ms. Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and her teenage daughter.


18. Isn’t it amazing how strikingly similar they look?

19. The face is so similar it’s amusing.

20. “My husband at age 5 on the right and our 4 year old daughter on the left. Twinsies!

(Source: DailyMail)