This Man Defines The Personalities Of People By Their Shoe Choices, and Its So Funnily Relatable

There is an old saying that “Good Shoes takes you to Good Places”, I won’t be the judge of that but I do know that certain shoes are meant for certain places. It’s the same way with clothing, there is a pair for every occasion. You wear your running shoes while working out, the oxfords for a suit-up corporate, Stiletoes for a cocktail party and the flip-flops for casual. Every footwear has its own limitation, everyone is aware of that, even a child.

But have you ever wondered, guessing the group of individuals who would wear a certain type of footwear? I don’t know about you but I’ve never thought about it. This unique idea came into existence when Imgur user Ghostify went shopping to the mall and took some snaps of shoes that were on sale, then he inserts few lines about the person who would wear such shoes, and he does seem quite right about the descriptions.

Here are the snaps.



1. The Golden boy of Upper East Side.

2. The over-exaggerated mummy diva.


3. The enthusiastic and independent woman.

4. The dramatic successful boss-lady.

5. The Favourite Daddy.

6. Smart and men hater little girl.

7. The woman who dreams big but never steps out of comfort zone.

8. The arrogant son of rich parents.

9. The pretty girl aiming for a Tiffany on her ring finger.

10. The extravagant mystery man who swoops you away in awe.

11. The old man who collects cigars.

12. That petite lady whom you wish weren’t your mum-in-law.

13. The cool kid who has too many secrets.

14. The principal who loves giving detention.

15. The teen with bulked in steroids.

16. The mum that all mothers are jealous of.

17. The girl that every boy despise but love at the same time.

18. The man that is too perfect but marries a cute messy girl.

19. The pretty and tall mum that always has your back.

20. That aunt you always hide from every Thanksgiving.

(h/t: ThChive)