Man Jumps In California Wildfire To Save A Bunny And People Love Him

As Southern California Fire continues to cause devastation, firefighters struggle hard to fight against the devastating wildfires that have already swallowed thousands of acres of lands, forcing millions to evacuate, we are trying to stick together.

In times like these, every move matters. Every act of kindness matters. This guy, for instance, not caring one bit about his own safety jumped into the fires to save a rabbit.

He pulled over his car after seeing the bunny hopping in the fire. The little rabbit was a bit adamant about going in the brave man’s hands but with some persuasive hand signals, he finally gave in. The guy took it to safety.

It’s no shock that this act of kindness has garnered outpouring response from the social media.


People are loving every moment of this.

He is truly an inspiration in these difficult times.


Not too, late I guess.

The fire is spreading like anything. We are sending our prayers to the people out there. Maye you all come out it safely.