Man Strikes Anti-Abortion Argument Using One Simple Tweet is Going Viral

“Wise men say, only fools rush in.” yeah, Elvis Presley was totally right, you can use that phrase to explain everything. Because why would you rush into anything that you’re not ready for? And if you are already in it, well, everybody deserves a choice.

I’m talking about Conception and Abortion!

The fascinating part of the debate on abortion is, ‘when does the fetus actually becomes a baby?’, and it is important to know as there are political differences regarding this issue, the anti-abortion rights people and the pro-abortion rights people. 

Recently a Twitter user, Patrick S. Tomlinson @stealthygeekwho is also a sci-fi author, stand up comedian and a blogger, tweeted his take on the sensitive topic that is abortion with a baseline, “Would you save 1,000 embryos or one child in the fire?”. And boy did he make a statement! The twitter fam went into a storm, you gotta see this one!



When Patrick stumbled upon the opponents of abortion rights people, he just had to ask one question that he’s been asking for a decade, and there are only two valid answers but no one would choose one. Then he tweeted this!



I don’t know why this is so hard to choose, I’d directly go for the kid. It’s a basic human sense but when politics is involved, yeah it does get twisted like hell.

Simple: If you can’t save a living, breathing and existing person what would you do saving a bottle of embryos? Build an army? That’s possible only if you are a rich psychopath scientist!

It’s either they’re dumb to accept the logic or they are just some brutal and dumb followers of an organization.



The parent should be the one to decide whether the person growing inside her is living or not, depending on their beliefs.

The next day Patrick woke up to gaining 1k followers overnight.

The scientific facts are, after a zygote is formed by the combination of sperm and egg cells, the germination starts, developing the single cell into a blastocyst then comes the embryo, which takes 8 weeks for formation, i,e 2 months. The fetus is developed after the 8 weeks with organs budding inside. Some believe a fetus is not a person itself but a person in the making.

But this author made a clear point that actually can’t be ruled out. Maybe, this will put some sense into people who are still under the shadow of social infestation. You can also check out his blog here.

(h/t: Rawstory)