Senior Man who Talked Down on a Woman for Breastfeeding In Public, Immediately Gets Punished

It is so exhausting and tiring that these days people seem to have a lot of opinions and get offended by almost everything. And the most shameful of them all are grown men and women getting offended by mothers breastfeeding their babies out in the public. Like, what the hell is the problem with feeding their babies? Okay, maybe their breasts are revealed but seriously what’s wrong with that? It’s not like they are doing it in a sexual way, they are just feeding their babies who happen to be hungry. Jesus Christ!


In a very considerating manner, a man of 40’s approached a mother who was breastfeeding her baby boy nearby a poolside to tell her that what she was doing was unacceptable out in public. Keep reading because there is a twist in the end.


Tanja Krstic Radusinovic, a photographer by profession was accused and shamed for breastfeeding her 9 months old baby in public.

The man came towards her while she was feeding her baby, and asked her if she was breastfeeding, to which she replied ‘yes’, and then he went on said that it was unacceptable and she wasn’t supposed to do it out in the open. Tanja got up and tried to say something against the man.

And before Tanja could say anything, the man’s own mother from the back shut him up.

70-year-old mother of the same man taught her son a lesson and gave him a hard one for being unreasonable towards a mother feeding her child.

Tanja recorded all the conversation and posted it online.

Oh, I’m liking this woman, she is gonna say something good!

Yeah, it’s normal Kevin, get that in your fussy brain.

People are totally loving Kevin’s mom.

Yeah, you were a baby too Kevin, too sad you forgot that!

Mom power is rising up here, oh Kevin I pity you.

I had that confusion as well, but it was months, phew!

This statement is quite true.

I hope this article changes the mind of those who think breastfeeding in public is inappropriate. It’s nothing like that, it’s natural, people shouldn’t get offended by a thing like that. It’s perfectly normal.

(h/t: RearFront)