This is what Marvel Superheroes Would Have Looked Like According To The Comics

After the release of Infinity War, the superheros of the Marvel Universe continue to be the talk of the Internet. There’s always something new to talk about MCU and its characters.

As we all will agree, Marvel movie fans literally have nothing on Marvel comics fans. Cognoscenti of superhero cinema have been aware of the movie costumes of these heroes since 2008 when Iron Man debuted on the silver screens not sticking true to its original costume.

This compilation highlights the major ways in which the cinematic superheroes of Marvel differ from their comic counterparts. It also portrays how the characters would have looked if they stayed true to their appearance in the comics.



1. Hawkeye (Clinton Francis “Clint” Barton).

No mask for cinematic Hawkeye.

2. War Machine (James Rhodes).

Really not what everyone had in mind when they think about War Machine.

 3. Ant-Man.

More like a member of the Star Wars clan.

4. Falcon.

This dude doesn’t look like its comic version at all.

5. Black Panther.

Let’s just accept that Black Panther’s costume is almost similar to its comic version.

6. Scarlet Witch.

Doesn’t she look way different than what she is portrayed like in comics?


7. Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff).

Both versions look stunning as heck.

8. Vision.

Imagining vision with a cape is quite tough.

9. Spider-man (Peter Parker).

Spider-man definitely matches the comic version.

10. Captain America (Steve Rogers).

Captain America is edgier on the silver screen.

11. Thor.

We definitely need to see Thor with all that metal-ness.

12. Iron Man (Tony Stark).

Iron Man surely meets the standards of his inked down avatar.

13. Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff).

Can’t argue with the beauty of that costume and hair.

14. Hulk (Bruce Banner).

His hair isn’t matching the amazing-ness of the comic avatar.

15. Doctor Strange (Stephen Vincent Strange).

We can see some alteration in the cloak and the colour of his outfit.


16. Groot.

They definitely changed the size, in the movie he looks more leaner.


17. Loki (God of Mischieve).

The golden cape and ofcourse he is so much more muscular in the comics.


18. Mantis (Brandt).

Okay, some major change in her skin colour which is clearly green in the comics.


19. Star-Lord (Peter Jason Quill).

The costume is totally different. It is bulkier in the comics.


20. Thanos (Dione).

He looks scarier and demonic in the comic whereas in the latest movie he looked more human-like.


So what do you guys think? Should they have stuck to the comic version of the superheroes or the cinematic version is better in your opinion?

Here are some feedbacks from the fans.

Yes, we totally agree.

Fashion does evolve over the years.

Clear point. It needs to be according to its contemporary generation.

Most fans are supportive of the change.

Yes, which is also true.

This is surely what the fans are going to argue about forever. But there surely are some characters that stick to the original comic costumes.

(Source: 9gag)