This Infuriating Math Puzzle is Literally Raving Everyone on the Internet

Mathematics is already complicated with its numbers, digits, equations, methods, etc. But the more complicating part is mathematical puzzles. Okay, if you happen to be a math geek, you probably must be wondering what the fuss is all about, it’s just simple calculations. But nope, not everyone was blessed by the Gods of Numbers.

Recently the internet has been flooded by a simple but rather confusing puzzle that constitutes a triangle diagram. And in it, there are smaller triangles. Here is a picture uploaded by journalist Jitesh Pillai on Twitter.


Let’s all begin with the first big triangle.

The tweet went viral like wildfire; people trying to solve the right number of triangles in it.


At first, when I started counting I got 13 triangles. But then I see people commenting digits starting from 1 to three digit numbers. Like are you serious? For real?


This person sees only one triangle.

Okay, Alex let’s just be polite and not say anything to hurt you.

I think you should’ve asked your math teacher in high school.

And then, folks just keep guessing the numbers in sequence.

What comes after 5, you say 6,7…….and so on.

So, here is an update, it went on and on and reached the 20’s.

The guessing game didn’t end there but wait ’till you see this tweet.

Like, how obnoxious are you Levi?

And finally, to end the train of this bizarre conundrum, we have the answer right here!

The holy grail, we bow to you Neeraj for ending this viral thread. Much appreciated.

So, the answer is 18. Problem solved. Pheww! That was a fun experience, we got to see a lot of people sharing their mathematical skills and yeah, let’s not talk about that.

(Source: Indy100)