McDonald’s Is Making People Go Crazy On Social Media By Their Optical Illusion

Lately, we have been seeing how brands have become more social media conscious. They realized that to gain followers they should stop spamming people with advertisements. Okay, off topic, but can we agree that spamming me with pictures of your merchandise is probably the fastest way to get unfollowed.


So they have decided to become relatable…


For example, Denny’s has always been ahead of that game with their savage Twitter and Tumblr posts.


Even KFC recently showed up to the party by launching a burger into space.

And let’s not forget the iconic following…

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Twitter/ Screengrab

But now, McDonald’s has finally shown up, and they have brought their A-game. How did they do it? Simply by posting a picture.

This, my friends, is what is known as an optical illusion. If you tilt your screen back, you will find their hidden message. But be careful not to look at it for too long, because it will hurt your eyes. And for those of you who still can’t read it, it says- “Bring McNuggets”. Which is always a good idea.


The picture isn’t all that special, in fact, it is incredibly simple to make.

Step 1: Type your message in a very light color

Step 2: Find horizontal stripes (they must be black against a white background)

Step 3: Merge them

Voila! You have just made your own optical illusion!

No, what made this post so special is the replies that McDonald’s gave to their followers. One user commented “That’s just messed up my eyes, thanks, McDonald’s,”, and McDonald’s clapped back with:


And that was funny, I will give them that, but the savage fest was far from over. Once the internet caught on what McDonald’s was doing, they all jumped on board the train. The internet is a sucker for pain, have we learned nothing from Gordon Ramsay?

But it wasn’t all shade and games, they were also aiming to be relatable. One user commented that they would use the same trick on their wedding invitations (which I will also be doing come to think of it…) and McDonald’s replied with:

They also found some new marketing strategies, when one user complained about the lack of nugget emojis, McDonald’s took it to heart.

It was a lot of fun, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Except for one user, named Phoebe, who didn’t seem to understand what was going on. She piped up with an “I don’t get it”, and got:

McDonald’s, when did you become so savage?!