24 Memes that’ll Leave You Breathless because You’ll Choke On Your Laugh

Do you love memes? What’s that? You do?! Then stop smiling like a creep and save it for later.

In the world we live in now, memes have become a great part attached to mainstream media that has no meaning but totally makes sense in making us laugh with zero human contact. Just another spoonful of syrup to make you an anti-socialist. Works every dang time! According to Wikipedia, it means a concept or a piece of media that spreads often as mimicry or for humorous purposes from person to person via the Internet.

Having said that, we want to fill your day with some crazaay memes – obviously, we’re not providing pizza here! Okay, now you can start smiling: On your mark, get set, go!



1. I just said pizza and this happens, it’s a curse!

2. Okay, 20 years from now, this will be trending.


3. It’s funny, but what is Mark doing here? Oh right! The privacy thing.

4. And then you wipe off the tears.

5. True girl, I can feel your pain.

6. Tripping in shoelaces, I’m going to use this one.

7. It’s kinda true though.

8. For all the gamers out there.

9. That is one good-looking hairstyle.

10. It’s the spirit for sure, no doubt!

11. Is there a discount sticker too?

12. What if it was a joke and the laugh turns into a cry?

13. Oh, this is deep, man!

14. Who would believe that something like this would actually stop you!

15. And that’s why they, “Don’t feed the animals”.

16. Yeah, I don’t understand the fuss about bed cushions at all.

17. Seriously, this is winning it all.

18. I’d definitely be confused too.

19. This husband knows how to keep his wife entertained.


20. Ahh, gotta try this one as well.

21. About time for this to happen.

22. That sign is trippy as hell, are we stepping into Hogwarts?

23. The crab part is the best part.

24. When your neighbor plays your jam.

(Source: eBaum’s World)