Millie Bobby Brown asks for an Invite to A Boy after No one Showed Up at a his Birthday Party

You plan a birthday party with such great excitement and enthusiasm. Making themes for the evening, special treats, etc. As a kid to have a good birthday party and friends coming over was the best thing ever because as you grow older the excitement fades away for obvious reasons.

But while it is total fun, what if none of your friends show up? That’d be so embarrassing and a total nightmare for anyone, let alone a kid. Like okay, maybe they people we invite are not the friendliest group of people but it is saddening for the one who is planning. Check out the story of this boy who had to go through this situation.



A similar case happened to a boy named Aaron, and in this case, he planned for a total Stranger Things Themed Birthday Party.

Sadly, the classmates that he invited did not show up, like any of them. How cruel is that?


Here’s fondant cake with the name of the show in it, I’d happily dig into it!


That cake looks so good, those kids are missing out big time.


Oh and the Demogorgon blood, I don’t understand why would those kids miss this party at all!

This is so freaking awesome, it’s blood. I wanna be a kid again man!


Well, Aaron’s sister Ayen wasn’t happy about it at all and posted the pictures on Twitter.

The Tweet was captioned, “my brother invited 8 of his classmates for his stranger things themed bday party & none of their punk selves showed up”. If I was Aaron’s sister too I’d feel the same way. The tweet soon spread like a wildfire being shared around 37,000 times.

Many people were quick on making a statement that they’d like an invite next time and they’ll definitely attend the party next year.

Wait till you read this, The Stranger Thing’s Protagonist, Millie Bobby Brown tweeted too!

After several days of the original post, the news reached Millie’s ear and she is just the sweetheart, her post reads that she’d gladly attend the birthday next year.

Ayen was obviously shocked to see Millie’s reaction and she retweeted too.

After that, well the other cast of the show joined in too, it’s a Twitter birthday party now!

Though Aaron’s classmates didn’t turn up at least the cast of the famous show did wish him in front of millions of people and also wants to be at his party next year. How crazy is that? Aaron as Millie said you’re a special kid and hoping to see your dope birthday pictures next year.

(h/t: Mashable)