Photographer Mum brilliantly captures the Real Essence of Kids Growing Up

Growing up kids is not less than a fulltime job, it’s actually much harder in a way and we all have to agree that mommies are usually more around us when we are kids, as compared to our dads. So, in this generation of social media, it’s quite natural if a mom documents her kids and posts it online. Sarah Easter is one such super-mom, who is a professional documentary family photographer. She captures truly mesmerizing moments of her three sons and shares it on Facebook as well as Instagram.


In a recent interview, Sarah explained how she combined her passion for photography and the love for her children.

She said, “I have been doing photography since I was in high school but for me, it took on a new importance once my kids were born. It quickly became evident how fast this was going to go, how much was going to be constantly changing.”


Time does fly very quickly when you spend time with kids day-in and day-out.

It can be a speedy journey to see your toddler who used to rest in your arms to now him taking his first steps. Every mother and father surely do go through a rollercoaster of emotions when they think about the journey of their baby being grown-up.

This talented mom surely is a master at clicking candid family pictures.

She shares her t*t-bits about how she frames a picture or captures one:

“I photograph them pretty much every day and I try to be intentional about the things I capture. Although, I don’t stage any of these photos, I have a list in my head of things I want to photograph about them when I notice them happening.”

It’s a fact that when we look back at our childhood pictures, the candid ones seem to keep us hooked a little longer.

They are raw, true-to-the moment and impeccably capture the essence of that particular scenario.

Sarah further elaborates her “mission” behind taking her kid’s pictures,“I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to capture their likes and dislikes, interests and mannerisms, as well as their ever-changing physical attributes,” she says.

To sum her complete thought about being behind the lens, she said, “In the end I want them to have photos of there childhood that don’t just reflect what they did or how they looked. But ones that actually tell a story about where they came from and who they are as people.”

Her sons are sure going to be forever grateful to her for this!

(h/t: ScaryMommy)