This Mom Illustrates Real-life Pregnancy Problems In The Most Comical Way

While we all admit that pregnancy comes with amazing perks and it’s share of grueling struggles, who would have thought that one could actually laugh at it?

Swollen feet, swollen hands, long stares, hairy days and judgemental eyes… everything that has ever been a part of your weird prego days can turn into fun memories if you have the talent for it. Illustrator and mother of two Line Severenson captured her little moments from her first pregnancy days in 2012 in a series of hilarious cartoons that record everything from shaving struggles to constant bathroom struggles.

Severenson writes, “I thought to myself that there is no way that no other people felt and looked like I did. So I wanted to create a counterpoint to help people like me to understand that they weren’t alone and that it is OK to feel and act less than perfect sometimes.”

And these are so relatable and spot on that it will make you relive your own pregnancy days. Scroll down to share the laughter!

Credit: Line Severenson



1. You can’t reach anywhere because you are so big.

2. Everyone thinks you are so pregnant (even after you have just given birth).


3. Every man’s worst fears…

4. You can’t even bend anymore.

5. Or look at anywhere below your bump.

6. It is a miracle no doubt.

7. Taking selfies just after giving birth be like…

8. And the big confusion.

9. Because it has the potential to burst anytime…

10. And you are leaking all the time.

11. You surpass the heights of weirdness.

12. It’s irritating when everyone suddenly wants to touch your bump.

13. It’s a journey to supermom.

14. Stretch marks? Embrace it.

15. And no one gets your helpless bathroom emergencies.

16. Your poor husband has to do everything (finally).

17. You’ll struggle with sleep no matter how comfy the bed is…

18. And forget about wearing shoes for a couple of months.

19. The endless kicks from your little one on top of it (which is actually cute).

20. Staring at others in your yoga class because you can’t even move a leg.

21. People become really obnoxious when curious.

22. But motherhood is beautiful in the end.

23. Whoops! Beautiful and flashy.

24. It’s also a transformation into a hungry monster.

25. Comparing (normal) bump and baby bump be like…

26. It is midnight and you suddenly realize that you are a cow (jk).

27. Your water breaks and it becomes awkward.

28. Protecting the baby becomes no. 1 priority (as it should be).

29. And everyone naturally hates you because you have a baby (who will eat anything).

30. Shoplifting baby stuff!

31. Baby’s first day at school becomes plain miserable.

32. Those days when the adult you used cried for chocolates.