Mum shares Hilarious Illustrations on Raising First Vs Second Kid, and Parents can’t Disagree

Having a child is a blissful experience for the new mom. They want the best thing for the kid- healthiest food, most hygienic food along with everything world-class on the rack. It’s such an ecstatic experience- you’d walk on fire for that kid.

And as you become, pregnant for the second time, things change drastically. You think about all the things you did when you were expecting for the first time and you yawn loudly. Life was so boring back then. The party begins now.

W**g Chen, a 30ish game designer in Seattle who is pursuing her dream of becoming a comic artist.

Mother of two daughters- Ali and Electra, she has recently created a series of comics to illustrate the difference between raising your first child and second child.



1. Eating everything healthy produced on Earth Vs discovering new versions of junk food.

2. Supply is never equal to demand.

3. No adjustment in the quality of food.

4. We women always had a thing for clothes. And it stays up till the second child is born.

5. Everyone needs to be called when the child has a fever- ambulance, police along with the government. Nothing happens to the baby.

6. The definition of gifted definitely changes with time.

7. Ahhh! Leaving the child at school is probably the best feeling ever but only after the second baby.

8. It’s all about giving the kid best things in the world.

10. The kid needs to be prepared around the clock.

11. Second born: What baby? Do I have one?

12. “Treat me like a queen until the second one pops out.”

(h/t: Messycow)