22 National Delicacies that might Freak You out Completely

Food plays a major role in our system as it is the main source of our energy. Apart from the science stuff, I think I’m speaking for all when I say that “Food is Bae”. Well, if you’re a foodie like me then you’ll understand what it exactly means.

But hold on, as much as food from different races are exciting it is that much thrilling too. Because all these different ethnicities and cultures have their own distinct cuisines which include some recipes that might not work well with everybody’s taste buds. You ask me how serious I am about this? Well, keep scrolling down and you’ll know exactly why!



1. America: Deep fried Oreos.

Famous desert which is mainly consumed with a light beer though highly overpriced.

No Louisiana-style crawfish boil is complete without #deepfriedoreos

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2. Sweden: Surströmming.

Canned and preserved fish, fermented in salt that has a strong pungent smell.

3. Korea: Soondae.

Sausage made from stuffed pork intestine with liver and its blood.

4. Denmark: Flæskesvær.

Boiled and baked (in salt) strips of pork skin.


5. Israel: P’tcha.

This is interesting, these cubes are jellied calves feet.

6. China: Century eggs.

It gives off in the name itself, a very popular Chinese dish that includes preserved eggs.

7. Finland: Salmiakki.

It is made by adding black licorice to a white powder that constitutes ammonia with either hydrogen chloride or hydrochloric acid. Okay, that is scary!

8. Netherland: Soused herring. 

It is raw herring preserved in salt to cure the fish which is then eaten with bread or just by itself.


9. France: Frog Legs.

Okay, I’ve had this dish before. They taste like chicken, I swear! the legs are prepared by frying up with herbs and served with aromatic sauces.

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10. Algeria: Kercha.

This particular dish is served after Eid and is made by stuffing a sheep’s stomach with the leftover meat.

11. Malaysia: Butod.

Sago worm is the main ingredient of this Asian dish, the worm is eaten alive served with different types of side dishes like salads and sauces.

12. Australia: Vegemite.

It is a dark paste made from concentrated yeast, highly salty and consumed with buttered toast.


13. Portugal: Arroz de cabidela. 

The recipe is either Rabit or chicken meat cooked in its own blood along with some rice and vinegar.

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14. Sweden: Lutfisk. 

It is a popular Christmas dish made from dried fish served with bechamel, peas, and potato.

15. Philippines: Balut.

It is a freaking developing duck embryo. Okay, I’m out!

16. South Africa: Mopane Worm.

It is a huge edible worm of the species emperor moth. I am losing my appetite.


17. Barbados: Sea Egg.

It is a kind of sea urchin, the roe is consumed by frying, sauteed or raw by sprinkling lemon juice.

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18. Ecuador: Cuy asado.

It’s a grilled guinea pig. Need I say more?

19. Germany: Zwiebelmettwurst.

Raw minced pork with onion cubes spread over bruschetta.

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20. Thailand: Durian.

It is the smelliest fruit in the world. Most people compare its odor to rotten onions.


21. Mexico: Chapulines.

Deep fried crickets served with fried chilies and lime.

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22. Norway: Smalahove.

It’s a sheep’s head cooked and served with steamed potatoes.

(h/t: BuzzFeed)