16 Nerve-racking Close Calls that’ll give you Cold Sweats

When do you feel the luckiest in your life? Winning a lottery, passing the test, landing an awesome job? Hold up, you guys are getting carried away, whoever you are, whatever you do, correct me if I’m wrong. The moment we fill the luckiest is when we miss an accident or mishap that might hurt us or even take our life on the spot. You just go, “Thank God! I’m the luckiest person alive”. Well, apparently, you are on luck because you are still breathing.

So, here are some pictures of people who missed deadly mishaps by an inch. Take a look, you’ll get goosebumps too because I sure did!



1. You should totally show this to your boss.

2. The tree had a reason to be shaped that way.


3. Now, that’s a real jawbreaker!

4. Run for your life!

5. Cats are the sneakiest animal alive.

6. This house ain’t gonna tumble no matter what.

7. Omg, this is scary.

8. The person almost got scammed.

9. Eww, but you gotta check your grammar too!

10. Pheww, that was close!

11. The lamp post doesn’t wanna hurt anyone.


12. Somehow lampost these days respect personal space of others.

13. It would’ve been a wet after party.


14. Saved from having a painful foot.

15. The wallet is going down in history.

16. Could’ve been the worst day ever!

(Source: AcidCow)