15 Non-Logical Things You Never Noticed About Penny From “The Big Bang Theory”

Who doesn’t love “The Big Bang Theory“? It has a catchy theme song, it’s all about relatable characters, and it is surprisingly funny even after 10 seasons. The creators of the show made a world where people of different backgrounds could come together and be friends.

A story where it makes sense that the cheerleader and the nerd end up married. In fact, we don’t even mind the crazy annoying roommate, in fact, most of us wish we had a friend like Sheldon. Okay, maybe not. But there are a few plot holes surrounding Penny, the aforementioned cheerleader. You probably never noticed them, but good luck trying to unsee these facts!



1. Amy is a strong, confident, successful woman. Why is she so obsessed with Penny? In one episode she even mentions that she was bullied by girls like Penny in high school. So, what gives?


2. Where was her mom while she was growing up? She mentions that her dad raised her like a boy, and we know her mom isn’t dead because she shows up in season 10. Penny never mentions that they fought, so why doesn’t she talk about her mom?


3. She’s a drama mama. All the other characters face minor problems and overcome them in hilarious ways. But Penny is always facing a ton of drama and she just seems to make it worse for herself…


4. She has a drinking problem, her father is an alcoholic, so why does she choose to work at a bar when she knows that she has a problem?


5. Penny is prone to addictions, we know that her brother struggles with a drug problem, but she works with him a lot in season 10. Why does she choose to tempt fate in this way?

6. Her last name is never revealed. We know a lot about her, but we never get to hear her last name.

7. Remember that pharmaceutical job of hers? Well, in a recent season we hear that she now makes more than Leonard, but we never hear what she does or about her job. It’s like she’s a housewife with fancy suits and gets paid to run around being funny.


8. Isn’t it strange that we never get to meet her sister? We know she has one because she has made reference to her sister and her nephew. We even get to meet the rest of her family at her wedding. But we never see her sister or even hear her name.


9. In season 5, Sheldon implies that Penny’s mom is overweight, but in season 10, her mother is just as slim as her daughter. Plot hole alert!


10. How does she afford her fancy apartment? When we first meet Penny, she is a struggling actress/waitress, but her apartment is still nicer than the one shared by the two professors who finished university, one of whom has several Ph.D.s?


11. In an earlier season, she admits to Sheldon that she dropped out of community college. But then in a later season, she lands a good job with a pharmaceutical company. Uhm, how??


12. Her drastic haircut was out of character. We know that actress, Kaley Cuoco, chose to cut her hair. But why didn’t she wear a wig when playing Penny? The haircut was totally out of character for Penny and doesn’t make sense.


13. She became the needy one. Think about it, in the earlier seasons, Leonard was the needy one and comically so, but she found out that Leonard cheated on her while they were dating. And still chose to marry him! It seems they both changed, but not for the better.


14. Sheldon and Penny became friends, which does not seem realistic considering that they still confuse each other. Their confused frenemy state in the first few seasons was great, so why did the writers force this friendship? You have to admit that their sudden care for each other was out of the blue and out of character.


15. Have you ever noticed that she never tries to get to know Leonard? Like really get to know him? She is never interested in what he does for a living and puts in zero effort to speak to him on an intellectual level. That is not the greatest basis for a lasting marriage.